The best laid plans….

ok, that might be a bit of a stretch.

Once again, I spent far too much time wandering the HAED website relentlessly — this time,  trying to decide how best to take advantage of the leap year sale.  I had the six Cluny tapestry reproduction charts in my cart at least four times but decided against them … for now.  This is one of my favorite HAED’s  —

The photo is from the Heaven and Earth Designs website — art by K. Craft

No idea when I will start stitching this but for now it’s — mine, mine, mine.


Pineapple Bellpull design by B. Jackson for Fine Lines

I am enjoying stitching the Pineapple Bellpull.  I was expecting to have completed the great lady and more,  however — see above.  The verse was the start of part 2 of 4 — rather than using tent, I stitched the verse as complete cross stitches.

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