Pineapple Bellpull by B. Jackson / Fine Lines

I spent the past week working on a project that has been sitting barely started for over 15 years — hard to believe it has been that long.  This is the Pineapple Bellpull designed by Barbara Jackson for Fine Lines, the project is a four part series.  I’m using 40 count linen with AVAS silks.

The photo shows the first 6 bands from part one.  It is a joy to stitch —  but — I believe that the instructions are aimed at an intermediate/advanced stitcher.   These are tips that might help:

1.  Band 1 is charted slightly different than the photo.  Be sure to keep the design even and balanced it glares if you make an error… yes, I stitched this band twice <sigh>.  Also, I put in the gold and thought it looked awful and out of place — I’m ditching the metallic.

2. Band 3 is charted differently on the master graph than as shown in the project notes — follow the project notes.

3.  Band 5 – I managed to stitch this band three times before I liked the look.  The master chart is different from the project notes AND the placement on the master chart does not match the stitched photo.  I started the band one thread to the right of what is indicated on the master.  The project notes show a high level “how to” — follow the master chart for number of stitches and be sure to have four fabric threads between the  stitches (not two as shown in the project notes).


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