On The Stove by N. Strelkina – Heaven and Earth Designs

“On the Stove” – original art by N. Strelkina

photo from — http://public.fotki.com/strelkina/boxes-fedoskino/580.html

There are a few companies that create cross stitch charts that are massive, intimidating and amazing.  One of them is Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) , they have an extremely large and diverse selection of charts available — to date, I have purchased three and have my eye on a few more.  I’m a little reluctant to make too much of an investment in additional charts because most do not show a completed stitched piece and I find that a bit odd.  Based on the number of new charts that are added to the website I’ll guess that they are using a program that helps to ensure accuracy.

Despite my concern, I have gathered all of the supplies to start my first HAED – “On The Stove” by Nadezhda Strelkina.  This is so beautiful that I couldn’t help myself.  I suppose it would be much easier to order a print but this piece is speaking to me.  The chart count is 350 x 457 — larger than anything I have stitched (or attempted to stitch).

“On the Stove” was included in my 2012 stitching goals as a new start.  There is no doubt that it will be a project that will span years.

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