New Year / New Goals – Stitching 2012

Last year was the first time I set stitching goals for myself. All in all, it worked out pretty well so I am going to try it again. The most important thing was that the goals could be changed at any time.  Having something to remind me of what I would like to accomplish was great since I am easily distracted with new projects.

2012 Stitching Goals

Projects in progress:
St Basil’s needlepoint
TS Bear needlepoint stocking
Tish Celebration needlepoint (any progress counts!)
Christmas Potpourri BOM quilt  top completed 22 april 2012
Knit bandages – on going (and very portable)

New projects:
Heaven & Earth Designs cross stitch On the Stove (nope, I don’t expect to finish it)
Christmas ornaments – 3 each – needlepoint, cross stitch, bead/sequin & felt/sequin
HeartStrings needlepoint The Carolers – complete 3 of the set
Lap Quilt – using only kit or fabrics already owned
Two full size quilts – using only kits or fabrics already owned

This is a very do-able list! The trick will be to stitch in the evening rather than spend all night surfing the internet or playing games!

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