Quilting and Marking Tools — removing, erasing and washing them out — Fels-Naptha to the rescue

In my last post I stated that I had marked my row quilt top using different products.  I used the Clover White Marking Pen and Sewline pencils in white and black.  After I quilted my quilt, there were two lines running the full length of the quilt top I decided not to stitch.  Those lines were made with a Sewline black pencil.

I really should have taken a photo of the quilt when I took it out of the washing machine.  Sadly, I did not.  Perhaps my expectations were too high… but…

I really thought that all of the marks (and extra lines) would disappear in the wash.  I used Quilt Wash in a front loading machine, ran the delicate cycle with a medium spin.  The white marks were gone, yeah!!  The black marks were not, so sad.

According to the literature, Sewline marks should come off by erasing, washing or dabbing with a damp cloth.

1) Erasing removed most of the mark but not all — while I was marking the top, I made a few marking errors.  I “erased” but it did leave a significant shadow. The residual lines did come out in the wash.

2) Washing removed the white lines — both from the Clover White Marking pen and the Sewline white pencil. All of the black lines from the Sewline pencil remained.

3) Dabbing with a damp cloth is a method that I not try.  After taking the quilt out of the washer I did try wetting the lingering lines thoroughly and rubbing – no impact.

With all laundry stains, my go-to product is Fels-Naptha.  I ran the bar over the lines gave them a little rub and they were gone.  I tossed the quilt back into the washer and it came out great.

Will I use Sewline again?  Absolutely!  I just need to know the product limitations and how to deal with them.

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