Rhapsody Needlepoint – Completed!

Rhapsody Completed on August 20, 2011

The stitching on Rhapsody was finished yesterday — I haven’t added a row of goeblin around the piece since I don’t know how it will be finished.

Wow!! A fun piece to stitch.  I found a few more errors in the graphs but they are minor and a confident stitcher should see the errors before stitching.

Additional tips for your stitching enjoyment:

The suggested size to cut the canvas is too small — I didn’t realize that until I was well into the stitching.  Cut your canvas 11″ by 16″ (or larger if you can’t find 11″ bars).   I staple my canvas to the top of the stretcher bars and there was barely enough room to start and stop along the side edges.  If you staple to the bottom you won’t have a problem.

Some of the stitch sequences are somewhat unusual.  Try to bring your needle up into an empty space and down in a full space – this is not always possible.  Also, your stitches will be more defined and lovely if you are able to “wrap” the canvas threads.

The companion piece – Romance – is already in my stack — I might use the same colors as I used for Rhapsody.

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