Rhapsody Needlepoint – Week 2

Rhapsody – Week 2

The Rhapsody project continues!  There are a total of ten different Watercolours that are used in the piece — all have been stitched.  I can’t wait to see how they look as they are repeated.  So far, so good!

This is a fun piece to stitch — but…. (yes, always a “but”) I have found a few errors in the charting.  They will not be a problem for an intermediate/advanced stitcher, however, if you are new to needlepoint you may need a little help.

I started in the center (as suggested) and am working from left to right – one vertical ribbon at a time.  After that is complete I will work from center in the opposite direction.   These are the charting errors I have found so far….

Stitch 8:  has been charted over 7 rather than 6 canvas threads — there should be an additional straight gobelin at the far right for a total of seven, the slanted gobelin sequence in the bottom left is charted one canvas thread too wide left.

Stitch 10:  stitch 16 should be over two intersections and start directly under stitch 15, stitch 25 should  start in the same position as charted but over one intersection only.

Stitch 14:  stitches 17 through 24 point the wrong stitch direction.

Stitch 42:  the stitch is charted over eight canvas threads rather than nine.  Extend the slanted gobelin on each side by one stitch, dropping the bottom rhodes by one stitch — add two tent stitches between rhodes stitches.

Stitch 47;  top and bottom straight gobelin — there should be seven stitches  for each — add one to each side.

Stitch 65:  doesn’t match photo… cross stitch 4/5 should be over 4 laid threads, cross stitch 10/11 should be over 4 laid threads.  Put in stitch 6 and then put in the 4/5 cross over all four threads,  repeat stitch six  and put in the 10/11 cross over all four threads.

Stitch 76:  doesn’t match photo… to duplicate the photo, stitch 7 should start one thread lower and end one thread higher  — it will cover all horizontal threads as well as the giant cross.

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