Half Dozen Pillowcases

This morning I finished up six pillowcases.  This uses up all of the yardage that went with the Almost a Log Cabin quilt.  On Thursday, I pressed and cut fabric and yesterday stitched the cases together. This morning I finished pressing the completed cases.

All six pillowcases were made using the burrito method, the finished size of each is approximately 20″ x 32″.  Fabrics were cut as follows:  body – 28″ by width of fabric (wof), cuff – 10″ by wof, and trim – 2.5″ by wof.  I used a walking foot for all stitching.

Four of the pillowcases are flannel,  with the final stitching of the french seam the thickness of the layers at the trim area is challenging.  Using a walking foot is not enough to compensate for trying to stitch through 14 layers of fabric.  I ended up feeding the fabric through stitch by stitch.  When using flat fabric this was not an issue.


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