Stitching with Lizzie – Week 30 – Complete!!

Elizabeth Mears Sampler – Completed 27 July 2011

This morning I completed the stitching for the Elizabeth Mears reproduction sampler.  I haven’t decided how I am going to sign it, but that doesn’t really count as part of the the stitching.

I am completely delighted with the way it turned out — mistakes and all!  This is the largest and one of the most beautiful pieces I have stitched completed.

Am I the only stitcher that would pay more for a chart if the designer would provide some overlap stitches from one page to another?  I had been away from the cross stitch world for some years and with recent purchases of large charts I have been dismayed (putting it nicely) that designers have dropped the overlap section.  This is forcing me to make copies and do a cut and paste activity to be sure my stitching is in the correct position when moving from one page to the next.  The chart for this sampler is an example of the lack of overlap.  Perhaps it is now the industry standard — but seriously, how hard can it be to add a couple more rows the the page?

In spite of the shortcomings of the chart for this sampler, it was a great stitch!

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One Response to Stitching with Lizzie – Week 30 – Complete!!

  1. stitchermom says:

    I love it! You really got done fast. I totally agree with you about the charts. I wish they were more stitcher friendly. I don’t know what the restrictions are with the printers but you’d think with all the technology we have available it could be done. Maybe it’s more expensive. I also have a hard time with the folded or creased pages and the symbols wearing off- I have had to guess sometimes on what it is. Anyway, beautiful job, I can’t wait to see it framed.

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