Gleneagle – Leaf Patch Complete

Gleneagle – Leaf Patch

Yippie!! It’s done!!  I finished the leaf patch on Friday.

This patch was quite a process. I ripped as much as I  left in — not “perfect” but complete.

The border was another challenge for me. The chart does not show the border as a mirror image — minor adjustment and easy enough to do. But I had to rip and re-stitch. There are compensating stitches at the bottom of the chart, but not the top. I tried it without any compensating stitches to keep it balanced but it just didn’t look right. Ripped it out again.

Bottom line — my leaf patch border has compensating stitches top and bottom…left is a mirror image of the right.

Colors changes: basketweave next to leaf is the accent (746). Jessicas are A light (224), inside Jessicas is the accent, and border is A Medium (223).

Note: My color selection does not have a perle for A dark (3722) – when the instruction calls for A dark perle I have been changing the colors to be able to keep the texture that the perle provides.

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