Gleneagle Needlepoint – Mini Mistake Patch

Another patch is complete!

This is really a fun piece to stitch — even with all of the ripping.  I stitched the Mini Mistake with a couple of color changes.  Instead of using the dark, medium and light of family A, I used the medium, light and very light of family A – all of the other colors were as suggested.

There are a couple of things I would change (of course)…

First: I would use smyrnas and not spatula stitches in the corners and then add compensating stitches to the knitted plait stitch – by the time I decided this I had much more stitching in than I was willing to rip.

Second: Stitch the basketweave around the center motif before putting in the double straight crosses.  I stitched the crosses first and then had about 1/4 of the basketweave in before I ripped out both and changed the order.

Also: be careful with the chart when getting ready for the scotch stitches.  My piece matches the use of the scotch / basketweave as shown on the Gleneagle cover photo.  The chart shows an extra set of scotch stitches around the perimeter of the center motif for a total of 24 rather than 12.

Next will be the Leaf Patch… I will probably stitch the remaining patches in clockwise order.

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