Gleneagle Needlepoint – House Patch

Gleneagle – House Patch

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I started this project — it would have been more logical to begin with the two center blocks.  My second block is the house patch, it is in the lower center position (third row, center block).

I made a couple of changes in the way I stitched this patch vs the directions.  When stitching the houses in the very center, I laid in a four legged eyelet stitch before putting in the 4 houses.  I also changed the shading on the basketweave that surrounds the center houses.  The directions state to use the medium and light values for five rows each.  My color selection  created the illusion that they were out of balance with a very narrow row of the medium.  I ripped those out and stitched six rows in medium and four rows in light, giving a more pleasing and balanced result.  If I were to stitch this again I would consider stitching seven rows in medium with three rows in light.

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