Field Trip to the Quilt Shop

On one saturday each month, one of my local quilt shops has a sale — of sorts.

35th Ave Sew & Vac sells a reuseable shopping bag, the cost is about $6.  Seems a bit high, ok — really high, but this is a great investment.  On one selected Saturday of each month when you bring in your bag to the shop you get:  a prize, a page of discount coupons, a game or two to play, and usually a meet and greet with a quilt designer.

Yesterday was the October sale day.  I bought  some fabric — my current focus is on blenders and the Gees Bend solids are beautiful “almost” solids.  Plus, I knew I saw the Olfa frosted ruler somewhere — this is the place — I bought the 6.5″ square ruler. 

My favorite part of the field trip was the meet and greet.

Carrie Nelson from Miss Rosie’s was there with a wonderful selection of her finished quilts, books and patterns.  I had a few minutes to talk with Ms. Nelson — she is talented, beautiful and is a really nice person.  Of course, I added another pattern to my collection.

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