The Cutting Edge Ruler

There are always new rulers on the market. Along with most quilters, I have more than my fair share. I wanted to try one of the new frosted rulers since they are supposed to cut down on glare. I planned to get one from the Olfa Frosted Advantage line but they didn’t have them at the store where I went shopping. They did have a couple of rulers called The Cutting Edge from Sullivans.

The Cutting Edge Ruler is frosted, non-slip and has a special edge (on just one side) that is designed to keep your blade sharpened as you work. The size I selected was a 4 1/2 inch square. A little smaller than what I like to use but they didn’t have the larger square available — besides it was an inexpensive way to test this style.

The ruler does seem to help with the little spots on my blade and it has a nice feel — no slipping and no glare. But…. the edge with the sharpening feature adds just a little to the final measurement — about 1 mm — just enough for the cut to be off, to compound and to create major problems depending upon how you are using the ruler. Using it as a square up ruler is very difficult (and not worth the effort) for a couple of reasons:
1) only the edge with the sharpener has the accuracy problem and
2)you can not see the markings on the ruler through the special edge.
Using it for straight cuts and having the cutting mat provide the measurement is working. I will continue to use it but until the accuracy problem is corrected it will be the only Cutting Edge ruler I own.

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One Response to The Cutting Edge Ruler

  1. Thanks for the review. It’s always good to know which tools work well and which could use some redesign.

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