Almost A Block for Woolie Churn Dash

Block one for my Woolie Churn Dash quilt is as done as it can be for the moment.  Working with stripes has changed the way I would normally make this block — since the churn dash block is one of my favorites it seemed that it would be an easy quilt to make.  Yes, it is an easy block but when you use a stripe for the background things change.

The final look depends on personal preference.  I absolutely must have all of the stripes going the same direction, most quilters won’t worry about the direction and they will make quilts that will look just as wonderful. 

Since the quilt doesn’t have a sashing, the way the blocks are pressed must be done in a such a way to make sure the seams snug up together.  Normally the pressing would be done like any 9 patch block but these blocks will not be able to be rotated 90° and keep the stripes consistant.  For now, my solution is to wait until all blocks are completed and in postion for the entire quilt before pressing the block units and completing the last two seams for each block.

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