Down in the Valley – Halloween – Finished

Yippie!  It’s done!  This is my completed Down in the Valley – Halloween/Fall version wall hanging.  It seemed like there were so many (too many) buttons.  It doesn’t look like so many when the quilt is done — I like it.

Yes, it did take much longer than I anticipated but I finished it today.  This was another learning process —  as my first completed wall hanging / small quilt there were a couple of glitches. 

First, I have learned that just laying the completed top on the batting / backing creates some bunching as it is quilted.  Next time I will smooth – but not stretch – more aggressively as I pin. 

Second, I have always attached binding using the E. Burns method — attaching as you stitch and slightly pulling the binding to keep from getting lettuce edges.  Well…. After attaching the binding by machine, I had sewn down about 1/3 of the binding — when I held it up it looked like the start of nice wash basin — guess I stretched just a little too much.  Off came the binding for a redo.  

The clothesline is linen thread that was couched down with 60 weight thread.  I also used 60 weight thread to sew on the buttons.  If you are new to using the buttons from Just Another Button Company, be gentle.  I broke one while fastening the thread.  The good news …. super glue works great for repairs.

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