Valley of the Sun Shop Hop – Continuing to the southeast

Today I hopped to the Tempe/Mesa/Chandler area and visited five different shops.  More than enough shops for one day. 

3 Dudes Quilting — Plus:  light and well organized, nice fabric selection including repro, batiks, blenders, much moda.  On display (I forgot to ask if they were for sale) are several antique toy sewing machines. Minus:  rather small — probably 2,500 bolts.  Overall: Nice shop — these dudes are talented and knowledgeable, worth a visit.

Quilters Ranch — Plus: artsy and traditional fabrics plus thimbleberries and bernina machines.  Minus: maybe 3,000 bolts.  Overall:  not impressed with the staff knowledge, shop was a dissapointment.

Cutting Edge — Plus: nice fabrics including the full line of moda marbles and many other blenders, thimbleberries, batiks, novelty.  Large selection of patterns.  Minus: could use some additional light.  Overall: Nice shop, probably about 3000 bolts — staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Zoe’s Trunk — Plus: great fabrics including repros, 30’s, blenders, bold prints, wide backs — probably 6,000+ bolts.  They also carry a beautiful variety of what look like overdyed wools and wool/applique project patterns.  Minus:  They tear the fabric.  Sorry Harriet, when you tear the fabric it can ruin the fabric by disrupting the pattern for up to 2 inches on each side of the torn fabric…. it just seems such a waste!!  Overall: great shop, run by nice and experienced people but the minus is too big for me to make a regular shop. 

A Quilters Oasis — Plus: Light and cheerful with wonderful fabrics that include Kansas Troubles, repros, batiks, flannels, blenders and more.  Nice variety of books, notions and tools.  Minus:  too far from my house!!  Overall:  I really like this shop and it would be a favorite haunt if I lived closer.  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable but most noticeable they seem to be truly excited about what they do. Do not miss this shop.

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