Valley of the Sun Shop Hop 2010 Continues

Today I visited three more shops from the hop, all were in Phoenix.

The Quilted Apple — Plus:  Nice selection of fabric and books, some flannels — plenty of wool if you like to rug hook or felt and applique.  Seem to specialize in applique.  Minus: Need to get rid of the faded curtains on the door, it makes a very bad first impression. Rather small, probably 2500 bolts. Many older fabrics that need to go on clearance or be donated.  Overall: I like this place, it is a friendly shop with a knowledgeable staff and a nice variety.

Bernina Connection — Plus:  fabrics are bright and bold,  nice selection of books – great selection of buttons.  Minus: clutter, clutter, dusty clutter.  Overall:  with some serious organization this could be a nice shop.

Quiltz — Plus:  great variety of fabrics, including flannels and moda marbles — probably over 6000 bolts, books are always 20% off. Great lighting with plenty of classroom space.  Minus: if I come up with one I will post it.  Overall:  Friendly staff, bright pleasing shop with a wonderful selection.  This is a shop you don’t want to miss.

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